How to cancel health insurance?

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Cancel health insurance – means change

In many countries, a health insurance is mandatory. Everyone has to have insurance. Despite compulsory insurance, it is always possible to cancel health insurance. However, the termination is here to equate to a change, because who leaves a cashier, must enter by law without delay in a new one.
The legislature even encourages a cash point change. The free cash flow election should help to increase the competition between the offerers, thus the contributions low and the achievement level high. For the insured, the change between the statutory health insurance funds can certainly be worthwhile, because the additional contribution levied differs significantly. That makes good and happy 50 euros and more from the monthly contribution.
The willingness to change often arises even when a salary increase opens the possibility for private health insurance (PHI) to benefit from a wider supply of medical care.

How to cancel health insurance

Ordinary termination of the statutory health insurance can be uncomplicated but is subject to deadlines. As a policyholder, you must have been insured with the respective health insurance fund for at least 18 months before termination and thus a change is permitted (not applicable when changing to private health insurance). After expiry of this minimum commitment period, notice of termination may be given at any time with a notice period of two months.

There is an exception if your health insurance increases the additional contribution, cuts the premium or makes reductions in benefits. In this case, you have a special right of termination, so you are no longer bound to the minimum duration. The health insurance is also obliged to inform you about the planned changes. You must, therefore, be given the opportunity to change to another fund before the change takes effect, for example before the increased fee rate comes into force. The notice period of two months to the end of the month remains.

Your termination will only take effect if the registration has been made in the new health insurance and proof has been provided. It does not matter whether the change to another statutory or private health insurance takes place. As long as the proof is not provided, you are still fully insured in your previous health insurance. There is thus no risk of suddenly being without insurance cover.

The right procedure when changing

For a planned change of health insurance, proceed as follows:

Find a legal or private health insurance. Take advantage of our health insurance comparison or get a personal offer for private health insurance.
Submit the cancellation in your previous health insurance. This must be done in writing, preferably by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You will receive a confirmation within two weeks.
Submit the insurance application to your new health insurance company. In addition to your name, you must also indicate at which cash register you were previously insured. If you switch from one GKV to another, the chosen insurer must accept you. Your age or state of health does not matter.

This is to be considered when switching to private health insurance
Especially for young people without children, switching to private health insurance is very lucrative. If the necessary prerequisites exist, a bill of exchange can considerably save contributions and lead to an improved range of services. Family planning should, however, be considered, because unlike the GKV family members in the private cannot be covered for free.
The change to private health insurance also requires a health check, which may be necessary again even if there is a change between private insurance.

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